Actigen正在开发的GNR-055是一种用于治疗粘多糖累积症II型(MPS II)的新型脑穿透性依杜醛酸-2-硫酸酯酶替代疗法。由于MPS II的病程是可变的,并且随着儿童的逐渐发育而变得复杂,出生时看起来正常的儿童通常在2-4岁时开始表现出身体症状,包括呼吸和心脏功能障碍、认知缺陷、行为缺陷、神经系统受累和各种其他症状。GNR-055是专门设计的,通过抗体片段中的重组融合蛋白来解决体细胞和中枢神经系统缺陷,抗体片段可用于治疗MPS II。该抗体片段识别人胰岛素受体α-亚基的细胞外表位,并可通过血脑屏障运输。

Actigen, a privately funded UK company, is currently developing GNR-055, A novel brain-penetrating iduronate-2-sulfatase enzyme replacement therapy for treatment of MPS II. Because the course of MPS II is variable and complicated by the gradual development of the child, children who appear normal at birth typically begin to exhibit physical symptoms, including respiratory and cardiac dysfunction, cognitive deficits, behavioral deficits, neurological involvement, and a variety of other symptoms by the age of 2-4 years.GNR-055 is specifically designed to address both the somatic and CNS deficits through a recombinant fusion protein in the antibody fragment, an antibody fragment that can be used to treat MPS II. recombinant fusion protein, the antibody fragment recognizes the extracellular epitope of the α-subunit of the human insulin receptor and can be transported across the blood-brain barrier.

Artios Pharma 致力于通过基于癌细胞利用DNA损伤修复(DDR)反应来促进其生存,从而治愈癌症。我们的专业DcoDeR平台整合了Artios在DNA损伤生物学和药物发现方面的领导能力、专业知识和经验,系统地发现和开发针对DDR全过程的药物。Artios建立了大覆盖面的以DDR为重点的产品管线,旨在解决实体瘤适应症中还未实现解决方案的重点需求领域。Artios的主要产品是ATR抑制剂ART0380和Polθ抑制剂ART4215,这两种药物目前都处于临床1 / 2期,分别作为单一疗法和联合疗法开发。Artios与默克公司和诺华公司建立了世界级的战略合作伙伴关系,并与英国癌症研究中心、癌症研究所、荷兰癌症研究所和弗朗西斯·克里克研究所等一流机构开展了研究合作,共同开创了DDR药物研发的有效方法。

Artios Pharma is on a mission to kill cancer by exploiting DNA damage repair (DDR) responses that are leveraged by cancer cells to promote their survival. Its specialized DcoDeR platform integrates Artios’ leadership capabilities, expertise and experience in DNA damage biology and drug discovery to systematically discover and develop medicines targeting the totality of the DDR. Artios has built an extensive DDR focused pipeline designed to address areas of high unmet needs across solid tumour indications. Its lead programs are our ATR inhibitor, ART0380, and our Polθ inhibitor, ART4215, both currently in Phase 1 / 2 develop as monotherapy and with combination treatments. Together with its world-class strategic partnerships with Merck KGaA and Novartis, and research collaborations with premiere institutions like Cancer Research UK, The Institute of Cancer Research, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, and the Crick Institute we are pioneering validated approaches to DDR drug discovery.

Charles River旗下的Retrogenix细胞微阵列能够发现原代细胞表面受体以及潜在的脱靶细胞。经过10多年的扩展和完善,我们的细胞微阵列库现在有超过6500种蛋白质用于筛选,包括高于98%的怀孕8-10周的产前蛋白质。利用最大的市售质膜和人类细胞中表达的分泌蛋白,发现高质量、可开发的药物靶点和作用机制。该技术可用于多种生物制剂,包括抗体、蛋白质、小分子、病毒、CAR疗法和其他配体。结合抗体和细胞治疗开发平台的全面组合,Charles River可以加速您的药物开发管道,从候选药物选择到安全性评估等。

The Retrogenix Cell Microarray enables the discovery of primary cell surface receptors as well as potential off-targets. With over 10 years of expansion and refinement, our cell microarray libraries now have over 6,500 proteins for screening, including >98% of prenatal proteins present at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. Discover high quality, exploitable drug targets and mechanisms of action using the largest commercially available set of plasma membrane and secreted proteins expressed in human cells. The technology can be used with a wide variety of biologics including antibodies, proteins, small molecules, viruses, CAR therapeutics, and other ligands. Together with an exhaustive portfolio for antibody and cellular therapeutic development platforms, Charles River can accelerate your drug development pipelines from candidate selection to safety assessment and beyond.


Cizzle Biotechnology is developing a blood test for the early detection of lung cancer. The Company is a spin- out from the University of York, founded in 2006, around the work of Professor Coverley and colleagues. Its proof-of-concept prototype test is based on the ability to detect a stable plasma biomarker, a variant of CIZ1 known as CIZ1B. CIZ1 is a naturally occurring cell nuclear protein involved in DNA replication, and the targeted CIZ1B variant is highly correlated with early-stage lung cancer. 

Congenica的全球领先分析平台可以对复杂的遗传数据进行快速分析和诊断,为医疗体系提供最为经济的解决方案。通过强大的分析功能和数据包(拥有完整的综合性人类基因组数据库和在遗传性疾病、肿瘤和药物基因组学PGx、以及产前诊断领域的专业知识和技术支撑)和全球领先的人工智能和生物信息学工具,为疾病研究,病人分级,伴随诊断等应用提供可靠的支持。                    Congenica对于基因组的获取有着深刻的理解,能够提供全球领先的数据分析和数据集的整合工具,致力于推动精准医学在全球范围内的开展。

Congenica's world-leading analysis platform can rapidly analyze and diagnose complex genetic data, providing the most cost-effective solutions for healthcare systems. With powerful analytical capabilities and data packages (including a comprehensive human genome database and specialized knowledge and technical support in the fields of genetic diseases, oncology, pharmacogenomics (PGx), and prenatal diagnosis), as well as globally leading artificial intelligence and bioinformatics tools, reliable support is provided for disease research, patient stratification, companion diagnostics, and other applications. Congenica has a deep understanding of genome acquisition, provides globally leading data analysis and integration tools, and is committed to promoting the development of precision medicine worldwide.


CrystecPharma is a crystal and particle engineering company applying proprietary modified supercritical fluid (SCF) technologies to improve the performance of medicines. The technology enables drug molecules to be crystallised in new forms and novel particles to be manufactured in ways that greatly enhance their therapeutic performance. Crystec has an enabling platform which can be applied to small and large molecules, to optimise a range of medicine dosage forms (e.g. oral, inhaled, intranasal, subcutaneous, sublingual).
Crystec works with the global pharmaceutical and health care industry to solve drug particle formation, formulation and process challenges. They are also developing their own innovative therapies in important areas of unmet clinical need, including women’s health, urology and treating respiratory disease. Crystec’s proprietary ‘mSAS®’ (modified Supercritical Anti-Solvent) drug delivery technology is enabled by a highly efficient, stable and fully scalable manufacturing process and is approved by regulatory authorities. This award winning mSAS® platform creates unique opportunities to improve medicines in ways that can transform the quality of life for many patients.
The Crystec team is multi-disciplinary with extensive experience in pharmaceutical development. The team have pioneered the application of SCF to pharmaceuticals and consists of acknowledged leaders in relevant fields of science, drug delivery, engineering, scale-up, manufacturing and medicine, underpinned by senior-level pharmaceutical industry and licensing experience.

Fitabeo Therapeutics是一家临床阶段制药公司,专注于开发和商业化创新药物,为现有治疗方案不能满足其适应症的人群,提供更好的健康结果。Fitabeo利用创新科技开发药物,以期实现分散式患者护理并减少医疗服务开销。

Fitabeo Therapeutics is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that develops and commercialises innovative medicines focusing on indications where existing treatments are inadequate for the target population to provide better health outcomes. It deploys innovative technologies to develop medicines that are expected to enable decentralised patient care and provide significant healthcare savings.

Phastar成立于2007年,是一家专注生物统计的CRO(合同研究组织),凭借专家顾问服务,完整项目模式、FSP外派或其它满足客户需要的合作方式进行交付管理,来支持临床研究的统计咨询、数据分析报告、数据管理和数据科学等服务。Phastar在伦敦 (UK)、北卡罗莱纳州 (US)和北京(CN)都设有地区总部,倚靠其高质量的全球声誉,Phastar全球团队不断壮大,已在五大洲设有16个办事处。

Founded in 2007, Phastar is a specialist biometrics contract research organization, offering statistical consulting, clinical trial reporting, data management and data science services by providing expert consultants and managing and delivering in-house projects, FSP-style arrangements and preferred partnerships. Phastar is headquartered in London (UK), North Carolina (US) and Beijing (CN). Phastar’s global
reputation for high quality work has seen the company grow its global teams, with 16 offices across five continents.

ProImmune为临床前和临床免疫学研究提供独特的解决方案, 包括全面集成的抗原表征平台,以及使用最先进的 ELISpot 和流式细胞术技术跟踪抗原特异性免疫反应的产品和服务。Prolmmune在免疫系统领域成为领先者是因为他可以识别潜在表位(在免疫系统中可以识别的物质部分称为表位)并监测免疫系统对他们的反应。

ProImmune offer unique solutions for preclinical and clinical immunology research, including a comprehensive and integrated antigen characterization platform, and products and services for tracking antigen-specific immune responses with state-of-the-art ELISpot and flow cytometry techniques. Portions of substances that the immune system can recognise are called epitopes, and identifying potential epitopes and monitoring the immune response to them is where ProImmune has become a world leader.

Woodley BioReg成立于2000年,致力于帮助制药、生物制药/生物仿制药、医疗保健和医疗器械公司开发和生产高质量的产品,为全球患者提供有效和安全的产品。Woodley BioReg与世界各地的客户合作,从世界上最大的制药公司到新兴的生物技术公司。我们利用在CMC、法规事务、GMP/QA和临床等各个方面的实践经验来加速药品的开发和批准。
Woodley BioReg利用其完善的cGMP认证流程和具有商业竞争力的监管批准策略,帮助其客户在全球范围内成功注册药物,包括在英国和欧盟。在自己的MHRA GMP许可下,Woodley BioReg使其国际客户能够将其产品出口到英国和欧盟进行分销。

Founded in 2000, Woodley BioReg is dedicated to helping pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical /biosimilar, healthcare and medical device companies develop and manufacture high quality products that are effective and safe for patients worldwide. Woodley BioReg works with a wide range of clients around the world, from the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to start-up biotechnology organisations.  We use our hands-on experience in all aspects of CMC, Regulatory Affairs, GMP/QA and Clinical to accelerate the development and approval of medicinal products.
Woodley BioReg helps its clients to successfully register drugs worldwide including in the UK and EU using its well-established process for cGMP certification and commercially competitive regulatory approval strategies.  Under its own MHRA GMP licence, Woodley BioReg enables its international clients to export their products to the UK and EU for distribution.